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Advertising options & rates 2014



What: A monthly newsletter (10 per annum) is distributed to all registered instructors and users who subscribe to the Pilatesinfo newsletter - most of the users are instructors in training. The newsletter is currently distributed via email to over 1000 people, all with an interest in Pilates – a great target market for you!


Cost: R230 per placement of 10 lines.

R200 per placement of 10 lines if ads are placed in all 10 newsletters. Payable up front.


Specification: – newsletter adverts are text only (you can use different fonts, colours and sizes), MAX SIZE 10 lines, single line spacing and normal margins.


2014 Issues


Publication date


15 Feb2014

20 Feb 2015


01 Mar 2014

 15 March 2014


01 April 2014

15 April 2014


01 May 2014

   15 May 2014


01 June 2014

15 June 2014


01 July 2014

15 July 2014


01 Aug 2014

15 Aug 2014


02 Sep 2014

15 Sep 2014


01 Oct 2014

15 Oct 2014


15 Nov 2014

6 Dec 2014



Website adverts

What: A site advert is displayed at all times while visiting

A site advert links to your website when visitors click on the advert. If you do not have a website, the advert can link to your email address.


Cost: Site adverts cost R450 per month

         6 months site adverts, the total cost is R2640  (R440 per advert),

         12 months site adverts, the total cost is R5040 (R420 per advert); 

         Special offers are payable up front.


Specification: – Site adverts are in jpeg format, size 150 pixels wide, max 150 pixels deep. Site adverts can be made up in a jpeg format at a once-off cost of R400 per advert, or you can supply the advert in jpeg format conforming to the size specification. Provide the URL (website address) or email that the advert should link to.


Events section – Courses, Workshops and Conferences:

What: Adverts for Courses, Workshops and Conferences are placed on the Events section of Pilatesinfo.


Cost: Events adverts cost R230 per month. Should you also advertise under the Certification section, you can advertise in this section free of charge.


Specification: Event adverts are text only, max 15 lines.



Certification adverts:

What: Certification information is placed on the Certification section of Pilatesinfo to educate visitors about the various certification courses available. 


Cost: Certification adverts cost R1050 per annum, expires end December of every year


Specification: The following information is required:

Your organization name (and logo)

A list of your different training courses, and for each course:

Name of course & what it covers (content summary)

Total lecture hours, total practical hours

Evaluation (what is required, written/practical etc.)

One (logo) image may be supplied in jpeg format, 115 pixels wide maximum. Max size of text information submitted: 20 lines.


Note: In order to advertise in the Certification section, advertisers need to sign the Advertising Policy. For this section, terms and conditions apply.



For Sale, Wanted, Employment, News:

What: These adverts are placed in the News, Wanted or for Sale section of Pilatesinfo.


Cost: Free for 1 month and 1 newsletter placement, thereafter it’s R230 per placement under the classifieds section per month.


Specification: Adverts are text only, maximum 30 words.


Invoicing and payment:

All adverts are Pre-paid only and invoices are issued after publication. Please provide invoicing details (name & address) when you advertise for the first time and thereafter changes as applicable.


Banking Details: Standard Bank
Account Name: Independant Fitness cc
Account number: 023204044
Branch code: 018105
Branch :Sandton City


Please send proof of payment to:, or fax: 021-9130947



Submit the advert in Word or email format to Please stick to single line spacing and ensure that you use normal margins.


Thank you.


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